Air conditioning heating: Cheap heating with air conditioning

Air conditioning as heating ?! That probably sounds strange to most people. An air conditioner is for cooling, right? Of course! But you can also heat with air conditioning. Is heating with air conditioning a wise choice? We will tell you more.

Rising energy prices

The situation in Ukraine has recently caused a sharp increase in energy prices. We understand that this raises a number of questions. View   the frequently asked questions and what it means for you here .

What is an air conditioning heater?

An air conditioning heater is actually an air heat pump that can both cool and heat. It is therefore also called a heat pump air conditioner. A heat pump air conditioner ensures that heat is moved from inside to outside in an environmentally friendly way. This way you keep your  house nice and cool  in the summer.

The great thing about an air conditioner with a heating function is that the heat pump system can be reversed in winter; The heat pump air conditioner then extracts heat from the outside air and blows it inside. This then results in a wonderfully  heated house . So you can cool and heat your house with air conditioning; a real win-win situation!

How does a heat pump air conditioner work?

A heat pump air conditioner consists of an outdoor component and one or more indoor units. The part on the outside of the house collects heat from the air. The heat is then not distributed via your radiators, but is blown into the house via the unit(s). This means your room or house will reach the right temperature much faster!

Even during a harsh winter – with temperatures below 0 degrees – a heat pump air conditioner can heat your home. Even though it is cold outside, there is still enough energy in the air to generate heat. So nice, then!

Heating with air conditioning and central heating boiler

Air conditioning and heating ( central heating boiler ) can be easily combined. For example, a heat pump air conditioner can quickly and easily heat your home during the colder days in spring and autumn. And when it gets really cold in winter, your  central heating boiler can  step in. An air conditioning heater in your home is therefore a lot more energy efficient, because you save on your gas consumption!

Heating with air conditioning costs

Cheap heating with air conditioning – The costs of an air conditioning heat pump may deter you. According to the Climate Expert,  the price of an air conditioning heat pump is between € 1,800 and € 7,500. You cannot get a subsidy for an air conditioner. But if you are considering purchasing a complete air/air heat pump system, you may be able to apply for a subsidy.  You will find more information about thison the  RVO website .

Use air conditioning as heating

An air conditioning heat pump does not work on gas, but on electricity. Gas  is more expensive than electricity, so you can start saving right away. Consumption is expressed in COP, short for Coefficient of Performance. The COP is calculated as follows: the heat supplied in kWh divided by the consumption in kWh is the COP. So a heat pump with 5 COP uses 1 kWh  of electricity  to provide 5 kWh of heat. The higher the COP, the more economical the air conditioning heat pump!

According to  Milieu Centraal,  an air heat pump uses an average of about 3,000 kWh per year – provided your house is well insulated. If you calculate this with an average electricity price of 39.8 cents per kWh, the costs of your energy consumption would be approximately € 1,194 per year.

Heating with air conditioning and solar panels

Because air conditioning consumes a fair amount of electricity, it is a wise choice to heat your home with air conditioning in combination with solar panels. With the electricity you generate yourself with your  solar panels , you can compensate for the energy consumption of the air conditioning. This  will save you on your electricity consumption  and keep your energy bill as low as possible!

Air conditioning cooling and heating: advantages and disadvantages

A heat pump air conditioner is not cheap. And before you consider purchasing such a system, you want to be sure that cooling and heating with air conditioning is something for you. To help you, we have listed the advantages and disadvantages for you:

Heating with air conditioning benefits Heating with air conditioning disadvantages
By heating with air conditioning you use less/no gas. The outdoor unit makes quite a lot of noise.
Heating with air conditioning is more energy efficient. Air conditioning uses a fair amount of electricity.
There is no  heat loss . There is no radiant heat (radiators) – only air heat.

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